Tree House

Type: House

Location: 2105 Riverview Street   Austin, Texas

The site is located in an up and coming neighborhood a couple of blocks east of downtown Austin. Among the site’s most valuable characteristics is its prominent location across the street from Town Lake and the hike and bike trail. This project was the spark for the present revitalization of this area. Another valuable characteristic of this site is its massive 36” pecan tree, the element around which the project was designed. The form of the Tree House takes into consideration the vernacular of the area. The metal standing seam roof, with its ramp-like line, unobtrusively begins low at street level, and elevates continuously toward Town Lake beyond. The roof line wraps around the pecan tree, and culminates in a roof deck which occupies the entire width of the house. But the continuity of the roof line does not coincide with the footprint of the house. To accommodate for the pecan tree and its roots, the house is composed of two volumes whose foundations extend to grade. To join these two volumes, an additional volume bridges the root system. This volume houses the main foyer, the organizational heart of the house. From this point, one accesses the various wings. A few steps up, one finds himself in the main room, consisting of an uninterrupted space housing the kitchen, dining and living. The master suite is located half a level below the foyer, under the main room. By way of uninterrupted floor to ceiling glass walls on the south elevation, both of these levels are completely open to the views of the adjacent park, and Town Lake beyond. A bamboo grove provides a natural privacy screen to the master suite. The house’s restrained use of natural materials achieves interiors which are serene and flexible. These traits extend to the exterior, with natural colored concrete walls and low maintenance landscaping. The Tree House is an exercise in residential design in a dense urban environment, where the ideas of respect to one’s neighborhood, and respect to one’s profession, coexist.

Scope of work: development, design, construction, sales