Quinta Ivana

Type: House

Location: 2002 Rue de St Tropez   Austin, Texas

Site restrictions, budget considerations, material guidelines, and environmental concerns were challenges Erik encountered as the designer, builder, and owner. The house took shape through an extensive and introspective design process. Supported by its hybrid structure of structural steel and light gauge metal, the building consists of two volumes merged together. The main volume, the “typical”, considers the architectural vocabulary of the surrounding homes. The other, the “modern”, is the element which expresses the architectural preferences of the designer. The resulting composition is timeless modern. The three story house contains only a few interior walls in an effort to enclose the environment as minimally as possible. Instead, the spaces are defined through variations in levels, ceiling heights, and furniture placement. A limited palette of materials was employed, including glass, wood, and steel. Strategically placed large glass walls provide natural light and frame focal viewpoints, while blending the sensation between interior and exterior. As per the principles of the Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui, a conscious effort was made to balance the energies of the spaces, and their relationships with one another. Programmatically, the main concept revolved around the second floor, containing the public spaces (kitchen, dining, living). This uninterrupted open space is the center of the house, its heart, both literally and figuratively. This floor is the meeting point between what today are the little occupants of the bedrooms of the first floor, and the occupants of the third floor, which is dedicated to the master suite. The house is crowned by a private roof deck with views of Lake Austin, and the beautiful surrounding Westlake Hills.

Scope of work: design, construction, interior design, product design