Pyramid Plaza

Type: Commercial building

Location: 7434 Louis Pasteur Drive   San Antonio, Texas

Upon arrival to the United States, Raul built Pyramid Plaza in the heart of the medical center of San Antonio, Texas. The design of the building was focused on optimizing the use of the site, as well as creating a space that is beautiful, functional, efficient, and highly rentable. Despite of its modest 50,000 sq. ft. area, Pyramid Plaza sets itself apart from the large buildings which surround it. The building’s timeless, clean, and modern horizontal lines contrast with a pyramidal glass atrium which has become an area icon. In terms of function, the atrium provides a warm welcome to its visitors and occupants, with its lush interior landscape, and spectacular glass elevator – elements not common in buildings of this scale. The interiors are dressed with rich materials imported from Mexico, including Santo Tomas marble for floors, amate for wallcoverings (a tree bark which, once harvested, repairs itself), and rough and exposed marble aggregate for interior and exterior plaster. The interior, clean, uncluttered, and undeniably contemporary, offers maximum flexibility, an indispensable element, paramount to the constant dynamic of the practice of modern medicine. Even after twenty two years of having been designed and built, Pyramid Plaza’s presence in the medical center remains that of a modern building which is, and will continue to be, at the vanguard of form and function.

Scope of work: development, design, construction, sales, management