Plus House

Type: House

Location: 6703 Vireo Cove   Austin, Texas

The design team was inspired by the natural beauty of the 1+ acre site in the hills of west Austin, a site which includes scattered oaks of various species, gently sloping topography, and a creek that runs along the rear of the lot. After ten years of studying, revising, and polishing the design, the final scheme emerged. In plan view, the building took on the form of two linear elements intersecting at a right angle, abstractly resembling a plus sign. In the interior, the ‘Plus House’ captures all elements of modern architecture- openness, integration with the exterior, simplicity, and functionality. A limited palette of natural materials, textures, and colors, was implemented in the interiors, with the intent of following the philosophy of “less is more”. The program, based on a hypothetical family of four or five, proved to work as planned when it was habited by such a family upon completion. From the exterior, the house takes on a sculptural quality. The most dominant and dramatic feature, a fifteen foot cantilever, serves as the focal point from the two remote visual accesses to the house. Numerous floating planes and volumes, both horizontal and vertical, complete the composition. The name of the project, the Plus House, was chosen not only for its literal reference. More importantly, its name makes reference to a dwelling which extends visually, emotionally, and spiritually, in all directions of its natural context.

Scope of work: development, design, construction, sales