Navarro Achievement Center

Type: School

Location: 623 S. Pecos St   San Antonio, Texas

Sago International was the winning bidder of the contract to perform work which included additions and renovations to the late nineteenth century school in the San Antonio Independent School District. The Italianate complex, which is catalogued in the National Register of Historical Places, was composed of three original independent buildings. The project called for building a wing with which to unify all three buildings, as well as to bring the dilapidated buildings up to date and up to code. The greatest challenge was to perform the work as designed without disturbing the existing structures, both physically and aesthetically. Twenty four inch limestone load bearing walls were exposed, revealing the innate beauty of the original structure. The new 40,000 sq. ft. complex included classrooms, administrative offices, library, etc. The result was a building functionally successful, and successful in respecting its history.

Scope of work: consulting, general contracting