Briggs Office Park Phase I

Type: Commercial building

Location: 94 Briggs Avenue   San Antonio, Texas

Sago International was commissioned to design and build a commercial building in the south medical center in San Antonio. The 21,000 sq. ft. building had to be flexible to accommodate the requirements of the various tenants exclusive to the medical field. The solution was a modular design that repeated itself in an effort to comply with budget restrictions. The suspended slab is composed of prefabricated concrete hollow core slabs supported by a floating prefabricated concrete beam sub-structure. This structure is supported by a grid of cast in place concrete piers. The resulting crawl space allows for easy installation of plumbing and electrical requirements. Above ground, the shell of the building is composed of architectural grade prefabricated concrete members. Floor to ceiling storefront walls complete the façades. During construction, the erection of the entire structure took only four days. In terms of form, the one story building was given movement by creating ‘steps’ in the façade. Additionally, by tilting the building thirty degrees in relation to the street, one sees a progression of façades in different planes, as opposed to a flat, shallow building. Organically flowing landscape areas and walkways break up the geometric nature of the building. Sago also provided design and build services for all of the finish outs, some of which include dental offices, a hyperbaric treatment facility, an emergency center, and a state of the art MRI clinic.

Scope of work: design, construction
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