Founded in Texas in 1985, but with roots in the field spanning three generations, Sago International Corporation is a firm offering architecture and construction services. The team consists of a father-and-three-sons core involved in all aspects of the creation of a project. Raul, a prolific Mexican architect and constructor, instilled in Erik, Jair, and Alan a common practice outside the United States - The role of the architect as the conceiver and executioner of ideas.

Having been born in Mexico and moving to Austin, Texas at a young age, the Gonzalez brothers subsequently studied architecture, following in their father’s footsteps. In the context of design, exposure to other cultures, have inevitably influenced Sago’s work: The simplicity of Italian design; the serenity of Japanese architecture; the masterful use of natural materials in Danish interiors; the tenacity toward new ideas for co-existing in the dense urban environment of New York City; and the richness of textures in the Mexican pre-Hispanic cities – all have added to Sago’s multi-perspective and multi-cultural view of design.

Through these influences, and through the most thorough study of the parameters of each project, Sago strives to achieve the following goals: beauty, simplicity, habitability, and functionality.

Sago’s experience in commercial projects ranges from office buildings and office interiors, to schools, retail spaces, and multi-family complexes. This exposure has sparked new ideas on both, design and construction, when approaching residential projects. It is in this residential end where Sago has focused its efforts, as documented by its most recent body of work.

In close collaboration with a team of consultants ranging from engineers to craftsmen of all trades, Sago is eager to extend its scope of design to any field which contributes to the successful accomplishment of a simple, habitable, and functional space. Another important collaborator in every project is the client. Sago encourages and is stimulated by the synergy that exists between it and its clients.

Sago International Corporation’s goals as architects and builders are respect for the environment and context, value of its clients and collaborators, and focus on the best practices of design and construction.